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  1. Microsoft Exchange Server and Sharepoint Bundle

    Microsoft Exchange Server and Sharepoint Bundle

    This Career Match bundle includes the most valued certification training courses for Exchange Server and SharePoint. A large variety of IT positions value skills that will be acquired from this course bundle; ranging from network administration, server administration, network technician and network support. The Microsoft Exchange Server & SharePoint Certification Bundle contains 4 award winning certification courses including 2 Exchange 2013 courses and 2 SharePoint 2013 courses. With the bundle covering both the infrastructure and database side of Microsoft credentials, students will have well rounded skills on two crucial aspects of information technology.

  2. ITIL® & VMWare Bundle

    ITIL® & VMWare Bundle

    Career Match has combined two of the most valuable certification training courses in the marketplace to create the ITIL & VMWare Certification Bundle. Students of this bundle will gain skills not just on virtualization but also on best practices and project management.

  3. Master Cloud Computing Bundle

    Master Cloud Computing Bundle

    The Cloud courses validates the knowledge and best practices required of IT practitioners working in cloud computing environments, who must understand and deliver cloud infrastructure.

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